Meliora Marketing is a global, full-service eCommerce consulting agency with a hands-on approach, helping brands grow their product sales on the largest online marketplace platform in the world.

At Meliora Marketing we care about the success of your business with profitable tailor-made strategies and solutions in order to establish growth on eCommerce platforms.

With the wide range of options to fit your needs and budget, your business is certain to flourish in the world of eCommerce.

Stefania Pilindavic

Stefania Pilindavic

eCommerce Consultant & CEO of Meliora Marketing

Stefania Pilindavic is an e-commerce and digital marketing expert with many years of experience working on the Amazon platform. She began her career in this field in 2016 with one of the leading agencies, where she progressed from an Account Specialist to a senior position. She gained insight on the strategic side of product placement on Amazon and practical knowledge in various sales channels, such as Amazon (Seller Central and Vendor Central) and Walmart, as well as in a variety of markets, including the US, Canadian, European and Australian. 


Through working with numerous clients of different profiles, from start-ups, small and medium enterprises to large companies, she also got acquainted with the strategic side of product placement on Amazon. This enriches her knowledge and skills and she sees unbreakable links between sales and marketing. 


Working on dozens of projects a year, with a strategic approach, data analysis, and trend tracking, she consistently upgrades her skills in strategic planning, e-commerce, and digital marketing.


As a team leader, she participates intensively in internal education and growth. Personal development is her passion and her main goal is to maximize the value she provides to organizations and brands she’s collaborating with.


Stefania is a philologist by profession. When not working, she enjoys spending time with her family and traveling. She currently works as a Brand Strategist at one of America’s leading companies. Except that, she’s an independent consultant, where she helps Amazon sellers with all the challenges they may face on this global marketplace – from creating a winning product listing to ranking high in search results. This means listening to the needs of individual customers and assessing their needs in the broader context of their e-business goals. 


Stefania’s competencies include Amazon sales growth, Amazon growth strategy, Amazon marketing strategy, eCommerce business, eCommerce platforms and eCommerce consulting services. 

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