If you are starting an eCommerce store, it can be overwhelming. You may think that the task of launching an online store is hard, but it doesn’t have to be. The most important thing you can do is to choose the right eCommerce consultant for your project.

Don’t underestimate what an eCommerce consultant can do for your business, especially if you are looking to start a business that focuses on the digital world. An eCommerce consultant will help you with all aspects of the project, from the entire design and development, to marketing and sales.

When you are hiring an eCommerce consultant, you will want to hire someone who is an expert in the field. You don’t want to waste your time or money on a consultant who can’t provide the same level of quality that you are looking for. Also, you want someone who has years of experience in the field so that they can help you put your online store together.




Digital Business Consulting

  • Understand the opportunities and threats of digital business
  • Get the insights of the digital scenario and your competitors
  • Understand customers’ new expectations and requirements in the digital age
  • Analyze the business, market size, competition and current status of the online scene
  • Define the best strategy in order to achieve a continuous digital growth

eBusiness Acceleration

  • Explore new business ventures and new markets for your product portfolio
  • Deploy a full plan for customer discovery, marketing plan and daily operations

eCommerce Data Analysis

  • Get data insights for eCommerce optimization and business profitability
  • Find most profitable strategies on the store and boost your sales
  • Check and compare data between dates and know your strengths

Operations Consulting

  • Define workflows, procedure and resources for your daily eCommerce operations
  • Understand the impact your sales and post-sales actions will have in logistics
  • Define shipping partnerships, stock strategy and packaging to increase your customer satisfaction

Product & Pricing Strategy

  • Discover the market and your competition pricing strategy
  • Align marketing strategy with pricing strategy
  • Focus on the right products and maximize ROI

Tools & Software Recommendations

  • Identify the technology solution ideal for your eCommerce objectives
  • Ecommerce Platform recommendation
  • Identify channels for Customer relationship management (CRM)


eCommerce Performance

  • Design, integrate and supercharge your eCommerce, keeping the best performance
  • Enjoy maximum performance on both mobile and desktop
  • Discover key elements impacting website performance and how to improve it

eCommerce Optimization

  • Discover which functionalities and add-ons bring real value to your customer experience
  • Increase your eCommerce performance by optimizing images, content, add-ons and more
  • Reduce the bounce rate of your e-store and boost sales at every step of the conversion funnel

Account Management

  • Whether you use Vendor Central, Vendor Express, Seller Central and/or FBA, we know which services will work best for your products and how to manage them to fully maximize sales.


Advantages of Using an eCommerce Consultant

eCommerce consultants are helpful for plenty of reasons. In the long run, an eCommerce consultant is someone that can support you get more work accomplished. Hiring a consultant will help you to focus on your areas of expertise, and it costs less than hiring a full-time employee.

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