Shopify is a subscription-based eCommerce platform. You can create a Shopify store or sell physical and digital products, and you can also sell through social media, emails, guest blog posts, and in-person.

Shopify is the one of most popular eCommerce platforms, and it is straightforward to start selling. If you are considering becoming part of the Shopify platform, look no more. We will try to break down all the main points on how to join it and become successful.

How much does Shopify Cost?

Shopify offers different accounts for their subscribers, including different features.

The buy button is one of the best. What is Shopify buy button? The Shopify buy button allows customers more convenient ways to purchase, and the statistics show that this option will increase sales on your webshop in no time.

However, we will try to explain the different subscriptions that Shopify offers:

●    Shopify Lite: You will pay $9 per month, including the Shopify Buy button, and not an online store builder.

●    Basic Shopify: The cost is $29 per month, including the buy button, in-person selling, up to 4 inventory locations, and an online store with two staff accounts.

●    Shopify: $79 per month, including all selling channels, five staff accounts, up to 5 inventory locations, discounted credit card rates, and discounted transaction fees.

●    Advanced Shopify: It costs $299 per month, and it includes all selling channels, 15 staff accounts, up to 8 inventory locations, more discounted credit cards and transaction fees, duties and import collections, custom international product prices, and variants

●    Shopify Plus: The price is variable; you will have to ask for yourself.

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With this said, let’s go further into details:

Shopify Lite

Shopify Lite is designed for sellers who want to use the Shopify buy button and don’t want to set up an online store. It is an eCommerce tool that you can add almost anywhere:

➔ Social Media posts (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and TikTok)

➔ Websites (WordPress, Squarespace, or Wix)

➔ Marketing emails

➔ Landing pages

➔ Direct messages

➔ Someone’s website that is not yours

By using Shopify Lite, you can accept credit card payments or create invoices for wholesale. You can also use Shopify”s point of sale app to accept in-person payments using IOS or Android devices.

What Type of Products Can You Sell on Shopify?

You can sell almost all types of physical, digital, or drop-shipping products on Shopify. Shopify users sell products in different categories, including:

● eBooks

● Gift Cards

● Clothing

● Digital products

● Home goods

● Handcrafted products

● Beauty supplies

● Online Classes

● Outdoors gear

● Events

Shopify also has strict rules regarding products. You can not sell illegal products that eCommerce platforms prohibit, including alcohol, tobacco, e-cigarettes, fireworks, drugs, video game currency or credits, firearms, and weapons.

The list of prohibited products is updated continuously, and you must regularly inform yourself about the changes.

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Shopify Advantages and Disadvantages

Shopify has proven as a good choice for many merchants, but it isn’t for everyone. As with every eCommerce platform, it has its advantages and disadvantages that you should consider:

Shopify Advantages

● Easy to use – It is built for an average user, and you don’t have to be a developer or tech specialist. Creating listings, adding products, creating discounts, and processing orders are simple, and the web design is user-friendly.

● Low Cost – Its subscriptions are low, as elaborated above, and if you don’t need an online store, you can use Shopify Lite.

● Beautiful themes – You can use various themes for free and mobile-responsive themes. Paid options are also available for merchants that want more options.

● Dropshipping – It is an excellent choice for drop shipping products for many merchants.

● Support Options – Technical support is always available, and you can access it via email, phone, or live chat. Self-help options are available too, and the main advantage is that the support is available outside regular business hours.

Shopify Disadvantages

● Costly Add-Ons – The software lacks many advanced features besides basic features, and they are available as add-ons that are not free. If you decide to add three of these apps, it can double your monthly fee.

● Transaction fees- Shopify shopping cart fee ranges from 0.5 to2.00% depending on your pricing plan, which is not neglectable. You can reduce it if you accept payments through Shopify Payments, but it has its fair share of complaints and is not the best payment processor for everyone.

Final Thoughts

As mentioned above, with all the features available on Shopify, it can be an excellent choice for many merchants. You can design your website very quickly and use the Shopify buy button to expand your sales on social media, via other websites, direct messages, and much more. You can create a lucrative business using Shopify.

However, it has its disadvantages, so before deciding, you can inform yourself about all the available options. This way, you can improve your business and take all the necessary actions to become successful.