The fact is that sometimes as customers, we decide to buy or not to purchase the product based on the product packaging. When we go to a store, we are usually drawn by the design of the product and the packaging of the same.

Undeniably, the red and white color of Coca-Cola will draw our attention in whatever country we are in. Also, an example of excellent branding is the half-bitten apple of Apple products. With their simple design, these products always mean good quality and excellent products.

If you are shopping in-store, the shopping experience usually ends when paying for the product and take the product home.

When shopping online, the shopping experience doesn’t end with choosing and paying for the product. The whole experience ends when the product is delivered to your home and unpacked by the customer. If the entire experience is positive, you usually have a customer “for life.”

The Process of Online Shopping

Every seller is also a customer. Remember that and remember what you expect from a product when buying online. The same applies to most customers when purchasing online. They expect a good quality product but also expect their product to be well packaged and delivered safely. If a customer receives a product with damaged packaging, it will ruin their shopping experience. The same happens if the product is packaged in a cheap, unappealing box, and we usually feel that the product we bought is affordable and of low quality.

The Importance of Packaging and Branding

There is no need to mention that well-balanced packaging and branding can bring you more customers. Moreover, you will have the same customers again if their shopping experience is positive. From the product listing to the packaging, and of course, high-quality products will rocket your sales.

Well-design packaging can help you in many ways:

Branding – if you brand your products, this will help your customers to remember your brand and good quality products. Also, as the customers value every step of the purchasing experience, receiving the product in well-balanced packaging with all the necessary information about the product will help them come back and buy again from you.

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Amazon Packaging Requirements

Also, as an Amazon seller, you must know Amazon product packaging requirements.

Amazon has its own rules when it comes to packaging. Unless you ship your products yourself (FBM) or use Amazon for shipping (FBA), these guidelines apply, and you can not negotiate about them. So make sure you follow the following:

  • The fulfillment Network Stock Keeping Unit (FNSKU) is a unique FNSKU created whenever you create a product listing. It is a scannable label that helps Amazon sort its inventory. If the product has a barcode, paste the FNSKU over the barcode.
  • Country of Origin and Other Legal Information: All products imported to the US need to have their country of origin displayed on the Amazon product packaging. Some of the products should also have specific legal information that should be mentioned on the packaging. It depends on the product.

Whatever you need to be displayed on packaging, you can search for similar products to find and inform yourself. You can also check the Amazon Seller University webinar about packaging to ensure you have all that is needed. Also another way to ensure it is to use a customs expert or logistic service.

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Amazon FBA Packaging Requirements

If you use Amazon FBA for shipping your products, you have to make sure that your packaging fulfills Amazon standards:

  • Your boxes should be rigid and have flaps intact
  • Make sure to use strong shipping tape to avoid damages
  • Wrap each product individually, label each box individually
  • Use a single address for delivery and return information
  • Use a minimum of two inches of cushioning between each of the products inside the box
  • Remove your scannable bar codes, if any, or cover them when using a retail box to ship different products
  • You shouldn’t use string or paper over-wrap
  • You shouldn’t bundle several boxes together 
  • Labels must be between 1 and 2 inches at least 

Following this checklist for Amazon packaging requirements, you will avoid your shipment being returned from Amazon, damaging your product, and receiving negative seller reviews. For more info, please check this Amazon Seller University webinar about packaging. 

Design Tips – Amazon Packaging

How the final customers perceive the product depends on how your packaging is designed. If the product is well packaged with colors that draw attention, the customers will likely think it is high-quality and will be satisfied with their purchase.

Some of the tips are the following:

Simple Packaging

Try to keep your product information simple and readily available. Customers want to find and read the product information easily, and it applies to the product listing and packaging. Simplicity is the key to excellent packing; only the needed information should be there.


Although the tastes are different, ensure that the aesthetics apply to your packing and that your product pops up. You should also target your ideal customer with the packaging and ensure it appeals to them.

Company/Brand Information

You should add your company/brand information to the packaging. It looks more professional, and the customers get the sense that they can rely on this company for any questions.

Enhance Unwrapping Simplicity

When unwrapping a product, you should avoid layers of unnecessary packaging. The packaging should be sturdy but easy to unpack.

Product Inserts

Personalized product inserts are a great way to engage with your customer. You can ask for a product review, but also you can highlight the product information and benefits.

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Amazon also has some rules that apply to product packaging. If you are not informed and do not follow the guidelines, it can lead to account suspension. You should avoid marketing materials in your packaging and be aware of what terms you use when requesting feedback for your product.

As an Amazon seller, it takes a lot of time to become successful. But while going that way, you should think of side things like packaging and making your brand that will be recognizable, and that will boost your sales.

Be aware that the packaging should reflect your product and appeal to your ideal customers.