The new trends in shopping show that consumers tend to reach for Eco-friendly products and try to solve the climate crisis. As we grow as consumers and industries spread the awareness that the products should be Eco-friendly, most companies are changing their products and packaging to follow the new trends.

What is “The Climate Pledge”?

Amazon co-founded the Climate Pledge in 2019 and helped to build a community of companies, individuals, or organizations to partner and address the climate crisis. As a serious marketplace, Amazon is committed to investing in sustainability to create products that are helping our planet and, at the same time, are suitable for consumers and the community.

With the increasing number of sellers on Amazon, this marketplace became famous for selling inexpensive products. Still, this also led to low-quality products being produced quickly and in large quantities. To keep the price low, sellers usually compromise with the quality of materials used and cheap labor.

Amazon invested in and supported sellers with quality and eco-friendly materials to avoid this trend.

The Climate Pledge Friendly initiative is part of Amazon’s commitment to preserving the natural world. Thus, Amazon provides sustainable shopping products to reduce waste.

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Climate Pledge-Friendly Products

Climate Pledge Friendly products are oriented to the end customer who cares for their shopping experience and wants to buy products with minimal environmental impact.

Your product must have one of the certifications that Amazon approves to qualify for this program. There are two types of certifications:

  • Compact By Design
  • Pre-owned Certifications

Compact by Design is a certification to identify products with more efficient Design. Although they may look similar to other products, these slight differences significantly reduce carbon emissions because they are smaller in size, have less weight, and require less packing.

Pre-owned certified products are inspected, cleaned, and repaired. These products are not new, but consumers buying such products are reducing electronic waste and are backed by the Amazon Renewed Guarantee.


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How to Find Climate Pledge-Friendly Products on Amazon?

Amazon makes it easy for shoppers that want to buy Eco-friendly products on Amazon. All the products with Climate Pledge Certification will be labeled with Climate Pledge Friendly green label. Consumers can also see this label on the product page and learn more about the certifications the selected product makes Climate Pledge Friendly.

Amazon Goal with Climate Pledge Friendly

As an innovative business model, Amazon strives to reach excellence as a marketplace. Seeing the negative impact on our planet, Amazon made an effort o make their product 100% curbside recyclable.

Shopping and Sales Impact

As a leading marketplace, Amazon sells products in various categories, from beauty products to electronics, including clothes, home products, and appliances.

Consumer trends are slowly changing and making buyers aware of the negative impact of harmful waste on the planet that is our home. Customers become more environmentally mindful shoppers, and the trends go to minimalism, durability, and reusable products. It slowly becomes a social value, especially in countries such as Canada, the US, and Europe.

Every change takes time, but in reference to the last couple of years, more customers are shopping online, and they are reaching for durable and reusable products. Also, many customers return to traditional products that use natural materials that do not harm the environment. As this trend is evolving, many companies made an effort to create sustainable and eco-friendly products.

The climate changes that affect global warming and climate change will make consumers in some countries seek out appliances such as air conditioners, especially in countries like US, China, and India. China and India will also increase their need for products like air and water purifiers.

Climate Pledge Friendly Advertising

To promote your Climate Pledge Friendly products, you can create a separate page for these products on Amazon. It will help you showcase these products, and they will have their place to help customers reach them.

You can also advertise them through various programs, TV advertisements, and Amazon Streaming TV ads solutions.

You can also include Amazon’s on-box advertising solution and other options to reach customers.

Final Thoughts

As stated above, Amazon’s Climate Pledge Friendly initiative is oriented to the growing need of customers and shoppers who want to buy eco-friendly products that do not harm the environment.

Market research companies report about the positive trends in companies that sell Eco-friendly products and the boost in their sales.