Promote your business effectively

As an Amazon seller, the main point you have on your mind is selling more products and driving more traffic to your brand. It is not an easy goal to achieve because there are millions of products, and customers reach for the products sold under the established brands. As one of the leading online selling platforms, Amazon has a lot to offer. It is a well-known platform that drives traffic and has millions of users every day.

However, although the competition is vast, you have to learn some tricks to make your products more attractive to potential customers and drive traffic to your brand.

Amazon offers different promotions for your products like lightning deals, coupons, and discounts, and it is up to you to determine which works best for you. Here we will explain what different promotions mean and how you can use them for your benefit.

Amazon Promotion: What is It?


With Amazon promotion sellers can offer their products at low cost to drive more customers to their products, resulting in conversions. This kind of promotion encourages people to buy your products and increases brand awareness.

There are three types of promotions that an Amazon seller can offer:


  •       Percentage Off is the most common promotion with which the customers can save some money. There are special codes for each person, group promotions, or codes that automatically apply when added to the cart.
  •       Buy One Get One Free (BOGO) – You can determine the BOGO based on quantity or the amount spent. You can also use “Buy two get one free” or determine the price paid to offer something free of charge. Any other variation of BOGO is usually called “Tier Promotion.”
  •       Free shipping is another way to encourage customers to buy your products. It is well known that a customer will buy your product if there is no charge for shipping. Of course, you can decide which products to offer free shipping. Another way is to determine the amount spent for free shipping.


Amazon Lightning Deals, 7-Days Deals, Best Deals


Amazon Lightning Deals are promotional offers that last only for a limited period. The Lightning deal for a product only lasts from four to six hours, and it is a trendy feature on Amazon.

These deals are perfect to increase sales of your products. And if you have a lot of inventory of some products, this is also a way to reduce it quickly.

To access Amazon Lightning deals, you must have a Professional Selling Plan. You can visit the Lightning Deals Dashboard to determine which products are eligible for this kind of promotion.

If you want to list some of your products for the Amazon Lightning Deals Section, you must determine first if it is eligible.

Amazon is constantly changing the eligibility factors, but some things remain the same:


  •       Product reviews. Amazon requires 3+ ratings for your product. Products with bad or poor reviews cannot get into the Amazon Lightning Deals. Be sure to maintain high rankings for your products.
  •       Fulfillment method. Your products must be Prime eligible via enrollment in Fulfillment by Amazon or Merchant-Fulfilled Prime.
  •       Category. If your products aren’t considered appropriate or are in the adult category, they are not eligible for Amazon Lightning Deals.


These are only a few factors that should help you determine the Amazon Lightning Deals Promotion.

Of course, these promotions also come with a price. The Amazon Lightning Deal fee is typical $150 for sellers, and for special days it can even cost more. However, these deals drive a lot of traffic, and you can increase your sales in the blink of an eye.


A “variation” of Lightning Deals is 7-Days Deals. In this case, your product becomes featured for seven days, and the fee for this type of deal is $300. However, sellers have become more and more focused on this type of deal instead of Lightning Deals since recently, Lightning Deals’ performance was not as expected for many sellers.


Vendors have another similar option: Best Deals. These deals last up to two weeks, and you have featured products on Amazon Deals Page.

Amazon Coupons – Another Way to Promote Your Products


Amazon coupons have the same meaning and value as the coupons that you can find in newspapers. They are visible to all the people, and you can find them in search results, on product detail pages, and almost everywhere.


To create an Amazon Coupon, you should go to your seller account and find the advertising tab. Select the product or products that you can create coupons for. You can offer different coupons for different products. It can be a percentage off or a dollar-off amount.


However, you have to make sure you still make money even when people use coupons to buy your products. Also, you should consider the fact that coupons come with a cost for your business, and sellers are charged $0,60 every time a coupon is redeemed.




Amazon offers many opportunities for Amazon sellers to provide discounts and deals for their customers. It is only one of the ways to increase your brand awareness and sell more products. Amazon deals and promotions are designed to lead to an increase in sales and to achieve more conversions.

However, it would be best to have some plan, not offer discounts randomly, and always make sure that your brand is profitable even on the discounted products.