So, you’re planning to start selling?


Do you have some products and think of starting your own business? Surely you thought Amazon was the right place to begin your venture. It seems easy; you have products, you can list them, and you can start. Definitely, you should inform yourself and do some research before starting.

You can make your seller account within a few minutes on Amazon, that is for sure. You can make your listings with this account, and the venture will start. You are officially a seller on Amazon. But is everything that easy?. To be a seller and a successful seller are two different things. So you have to consider many things before starting your venture.



Seller Account

You can start with an individual account and then upgrade it to Pro when you start making a profit. The individual account costs $0, and Amazon charges $1 when you sell a product. The Pro account costs $39.99 per month and includes more features. You can choose the account according to your budget, but when you come to the point of selling more than 30 products per month is definitely the right time to have a Pro account.



Do a Market Research

Before even starting your selling journey, you can do your market research to determine which products are in demand. Amazon is one of the biggest online selling platforms, which means they have a lot of customers. Still, there are millions of products and millions of competitors with competitive prices of the same product. You should check if not all of them and determine the prices of your products. You should also find your niche where the products belong.



Product Listings

Most sellers are eager to begin their selling journey, so they do not put too much effort into their listings. And that is a huge mistake. The product listing should contain a few very important things for selling:


  •       Product name
  •       Product description
  •       Product images
  •       Shipping and delivery.


Apart from the competitive prices, the product should contain the full title. Keywords used are very important, and you should optimize your product listings. You should add the relevant keywords in the product title and description, and it will make the product more visible in the search.

The description should be well written, describing the purpose of the product and containing the relevant keywords for the product. Optimized descriptions and well-explained products are more likely to be sold.

High-quality images are essential too. Blurry photos and colorful backgrounds are not good, and the product should be displayed in full and on a white background. You are allowed to put 5-7 images and try to show the full product, its size, and from different angles.

Customers should clearly see the product and decide from the image if that is the product they want. When shipping in store, we have the option to touch the product, to see the size of it, and even to try it. In online shopping, we depend on the description and the images, and our decision comes as customers.

You should also pay attention to the shipping method and delivery time as a seller, and it is also essential to the customer. You should go with it if you can offer free shipping because the customers will more likely buy the product shipped for free.

You can also decide to use Amazon FBA for shipping your products. It is not a free option, but it will save you some time and effort. If you decide on this option, you have to pay special attention to your inventory and replenish the items on time. With Amazon FBA, your inventory will decrease automatically when the orders are placed. You should always check the product’s availability and replenish it on time.



Promotion and Advertising

Every seller has to check all the options for promoting their products. Amazon offers different ways of promoting and advertisements. Apart from this, you can advertise your products on social media.



Customer Reviews

Customers are likely to refer to customer reviews when buying a product. So you are likely to sell more when having a positive customer experience.



Customer Support

As for customer reviews, you have to think about excellent customer support for all your client’s questions about the product. It is also a big plus to have more positive reviews.



Final Thoughts

We covered most of the basics for becoming a successful seller on Amazon. More or less, there is not an instant success. But with some patience and effort, your business will grow. Amazon has a lot of options to help the sellers start the venture of online selling. If you cannot do it alone, start with these options or even outsource some parts if your budget allows it. It will pay off in the long run.