Increase sales with positive reviews



With the pandemic and digital era, shopping online has become our daily routine. Instead of losing time going from store to store and buying what we need, now, we have several stores in front of us, on our screen with a few clicks.

Amazon, as one of the best-selling platforms, offers thousands of products. Just think of it – Amazon has it. From the customer’s point of view, you choose, pay for it, and wait to be delivered at your doorsteps. The only concern is: will the product be as described? The customer can not touch it or try it, so they usually read the reviews about the product.

Every Amazon seller depends on product reviews. 97% of the people agree that their purchasing decision depends on the product reviews. Having only five reviews of your product increases the chances of selling by over 200%. If customers think about the same effect, they are more likely to buy it with customer reviews.

So that’s it. But the question is how to get more positive reviews for your products, and it is the question that both new and existing sellers question themselves. There are some proven ways and tips to get more product reviews to increase sales.



Amazon Product Reviews: What Should You Do to Get Them?


There are many ways to reach your customers and ask them politely to leave a review for the product they purchased. But there are some things that you can make sure you do well before the customer buys your product.


  •       Make sure your listings are accurate.
  •       Explain everything in bullet points about your product.
  •       Make sure that customers can easily navigate through the products.
  •       Ensure you deliver the product on time and communicate with your customers if any issue occurs.


Customers would instead leave a positive review if their shopping experience were pleasant, the product was as described, and delivered on time.



More Ways to Get Product Reviews


There are also some ways to automate the process of reviews. Going from order to order is sometimes time-consuming for the seller, especially if one person does everything. Below, we list ways to get more reviews for your product and automate the process.


  •       Follow-up Emails – You can get in touch with follow-up emails with the customers that ordered your product. You can send them personalized emails to ask them politely if they are satisfied with the products ordered and for honest feedback on your product. Ensure you do not ask for a positive review directly, as Amazon doesn’t allow it. Anyway, people like to receive personalized emails, and they are more likely to leave a review if their correspondence with the seller is perfect.
  •       Use product inserts – Product inserts are handy to get some reviews from your customers. However, you should be very careful with the design and the text of the inserts. Excellent designs will get positive feedback. You should not include any incentives in the text that will offer free products or discounts in exchange for a positive review, as this is also not allowed by Amazon.
  •       Use Amazon Early Reviewer Program – Amazon encourages customers to share their experience about the product they purchased, offering them a small Amazon Gift Card. Of course, this is not a free program, and it costs $60.
  •       Amazon Vine Program – You can enroll your product in the vine program without 30 reviews. There is no enrollment fee, but you will have to send some free products to the members. They have provided insightful reviews on Amazon, and the downside of the program is that they are very critical.
  •       Use Review Automation feature – You can send automated review requests using the feature. Instead of time-consuming manual requests, you can use the app to send them in bulk by clicking on the button.



What You Should Not Do?


Although Amazon TOS are constantly changing, there are some things that you are not allowed to do regarding customer reviews:


  •       Family and friends’ reviews -Amazon strictly prohibits asking your friends or family to leave a positive review for your product.
  •       Fake reviews – Fake reviews are a real problem on Amazon. Sellers are willing to pay a nominal price for a fake review on some freelancing platforms. Amazon is dealing with the problem, and it can lead to a suspended account if Amazon discovers that the reviews are fake.



Final Thoughts


These are just some ways to get some product reviews on Amazon and increase the revenue of the products. However, we all agree that this is very important if you want to profit. Outsourcing the customer’s support is one of the options if you need to do this. Just make sure that your customers have a great experience with the products and customer support. It is one of the main things that you should keep on your mind if you want to have some positive reviews for your products.