Selling Worldwide? Why not?


Why be limited by selling in one country only, since there is a possibility of selling internationally and having more customers. Internationally selling is now easier than it was previously. And Amazon takes care of the sellers to reach global markets with their products.

First things first – although reaching global markets is now more accessible, you should inform yourself about different markets and regulations and how to reach their customers. Specific countries have specific rules and regulations to sell there, you have to obey their rules.

The benefits of global selling are enormous, you can reach many customers, and your profit will rise, and with Amazon, that is possible.


Amazon Global Selling – What is It?


Amazon Global Selling is a program that allows sellers to list and sell products on global marketplaces.

The list of Amazon marketplaces includes:


  •       Europe – Germany, United Kingdom, Spain, Italy, France
  •       Asia – Japan, India, China, Australia
  •       North America – Mexico, Canada, Brazil, United States


Every seller needs to sign up and have a seller account for every individual country. The exception to this is Unified accounts for:


  •       Europe (registering a seller account in one country will give you access to all the countries in Europe that include: the UK, Italy, Spain, France, and Germany)
  •       North America (one seller account and you can sell in Canada, Mexico, and the US)


How does AGS (Amazon Global Selling) Work?


If you decide to expand your business globally, you have to follow a few simple steps:


  1. To choose and register an account in the country you want to expand your business
  2. Make listings for the products you want to sell
  3. You will get notifications when a customer buys your product
  4. You deliver the product and confirm the shipment or allow Amazon to do that for you via Easy Ship or FBA
  5. After Amazon deduct their fees, the funds will be transferred to your bank account by Amazon itself

As mentioned previously, there are a lot of benefits from selling globally:


  •       Many customers will see your products
  •       International shipping is no longer that complicated with FBA
  •       If you are already successful in a marketplace that you sell on, you will save some money on branding
  •       You will have increased sales during holidays celebrated worldwide
  •       You can earn in different currencies, and Amazon will ensure that you receive your funds securely and on time.


What Else Do You Need to Know?


If you decide to sell globally, apart from setting up an account and listing your products, you will have to inform yourself about the different regulations in a selected marketplace.


Taxes and Regulations


If you sell in Europe, you will have to register for a customer spending tax or VAT (Value Added Tax). Also, all listings and products for sales must comply with the local laws in Japan. Some of the products may have customs duties that you are obliged to pay, and it is vital to be informed about different regulations in different countries.


Product Eligibility and Compliance


Certain product restrictions apply in Europe. Some products may require approval, and some of the products also cannot be sold in Japan. Make sure to visit the restricted product page if you plan to sell on those markets.

What and Where to Sell?


It would be best if you did extensive research on the market to sell your products. If some products sell well in America, it doesn’t mean that they will sell well in the UK because of different sizes or different preferences.


Language Support


As you depend on the customer’s positive experience when buying your product, you should also consider the excellent customer support you offer. You may also consider packaging or marketing to meet the customers’ needs better.


Final Thoughts


Although global selling is not that complicated, it doesn’t mean that you have to do it overnight. If you have already established your brand locally and are a successful seller, maybe it is time to expand globally. You will benefit from a wide range of customers and raise your brand’s profit and awareness. However, you have to:


  •       Research the marketplace
  •       Decide where to sell
  •       Check all the tax regulations and requirements.
  •       Check the eligibility of your products
  •       Check the shipment options
  •       Take care of the customer support
  •       Check on how to promote and advertise your products and brand.


You will have to keep in mind these things before registering a seller account at the international marketplace. We wish you a successful international venture!