How to sell on Amazon?


According to the stats, Amazon is the best marketplace reaching millions of customers and an excellent opportunity to expand your business worldwide. Online shopping was never more convenient than now; shopping from your own home is the best alternative to avoid the store crowds and stay safe.

By reading many articles and watching tutorials, many can conclude that becoming an Amazon seller is easy. You will make your account; you have the products to sell, list them and start to sell.

But it is not as easy as it seems. Apart from the charges from Amazon, you will dive into Amazon Sellers Central; you will have to make a lot of decisions, you will need the right products, a good advertising campaign, and a lot more.


How to get started in Amazon Seller Central?


For getting the best results and driving more sales, it is not enough to open an account in Amazon Seller Central and start selling. Although Amazon has millions of customers, they also have a wide variety of sellers, selling almost anything you can think of. You will have great competition and a wide variety of products you are about to sell already. So you will have to think of a strategy and be prepared that it will take some time to start selling.

So you have to be aware of some of the tips that every seller has to know to be successful.

 After creating an account, you should log in to your Amazon Seller Central main interface. You will have to get familiar with a few tabs to start your selling journey.

  •       Catalog – adding new items to inventory or adding a product
  •       Inventory – managing your product inventory
  •       Pricing – set the price of the products, set alerts, and automate the same, or keep tracking competitor prices, so the price of your product corresponds to the competitor’s prices.
  •       Orders – an order screen is where you can observe your business’s orders and their fulfillment status.
  •       Advertising – creating PPC advertising campaigns for your products and running them based on your preference.
  •       Reports – you can see your payment reports, advertising orders, and taxes here.
  •       Performance – this tab is for people’s feedback for your business and products, messages from buyers, and chargeback claims.

As you can see, the Amazon Sellers Central is everything you need to become successful.


As a seller, you also have two main order fulfillment options:

  1. To manage your orders yourself and to ship them independently. This option has a smaller fee, but you will need a logistic partner that will help you manage your messages, customer support, order fulfillment, and shipping.
  2. Although this feature comes with a price, it is worth considering the FBA service. Fees are paid per unit, depending on several factors like dimensions and the product’s weight. However, it means that Amazon FBA will handle all your orders and the shipment of the products, and you won’t need to hire a person that will do that for you.

The FBA model also has some other benefits that might come in handy for your business:

  •       Your products will have the prestigious Prime Logo, which automatically means better rankings.
  •       You can quickly scale your business with Amazon FBA instead of scaling it yourself.
  •       Amazon FBA is simple and easy to use
  •       Your products will be automatically accompanied by Amazon trusted reputation.

So, the decision is yours!


To-Do List

Amazon does help you sell your products. However, you will need a few “tricks” to be one of the best:

  •       Product Listings: Optimize your product listings to be easily searchable and visible to customers. Your product pictures should be clear and professionally done. Fill all the fields thoroughly, and the product information and variables should always be up to date.
  •       Business Metrics: You should learn how to read business metrics and determine which products are the best to sell and what products you should advertise more.
  •       Inventory Levels: Proactively monitor your inventory levels and ensure you have enough time to replenish your stock.
  •       Customer Service: Your customer service is vital for your business. Customers want to buy from companies that provide excellent customer service. Answering the questions about the products and processing returns and refunds are a must to have a successful business.
  •       Marketing Campaigns: Amazon sponsored products are also known as the Amazon Pay-per-Click campaign and are among the most popular advertising campaigns. You are paying to Amazon only when a potential customer clicks your ad and is redirected to your product page. There are also other types of advertising, and you need to decide which works best for your business.
  •       Taxes: To avoid any potential problems, you should be aware of the tax liabilities of your Amazon Business.


Not-To-Do List

These are things that you should not do as an Amazon Seller:

  •       Amazon Fees: Failing to understand Amazon fees is one of the most common mistakes sellers make. You have to calculate your cost and margins carefully, including all the fees and charges from Amazon.
  •       Expensive or Late Shipping: The customers avoid products with high shipping prices. Also, you should avoid late shipment; customers want their product to arrive on time.
  •       Reviews: Reviews and feedback are suitable for your business to start growing. But don’t make the mistake of purchasing reviews because Amazon has taken strict action against fake reviews.
  •       Seller Account: You can sell products on Amazon only through one seller’s account. Having multiple accounts is a severe violation of Amazon’s policy.




If you are new to Amazon Seller Central, these tips should help you. If you are an Amazon Seller for some time, you might find something that you maybe didn’t know.

You should always keep in mind that Amazon is one of the biggest online selling platforms, and Meliora Marketing can help you use all the benefits it includes to run a successful business.

Good luck!