Make more sales!

As customers, we want to buy the best products that will have the functionality we need, buy them at the best price, and get our products on time so we can use them and enjoy them.

But for sellers, their prime goal is to sell the products. Our primary concern is to reach the customers and persuade them to click the “buy” button. There are a few tips to get better rankings on Amazon and boost our sales.

What are Amazon Sales Rankings?

Amazon product rating is a number from 1 to 1 million, depending on the product category. The number describes the product sales within the products in the same category. If your product has a number one ranking, it means that your product sells the best.

Your Amazon ranking is displayed on the product page in the “Product information” section within its specific product category. If your product is a best-seller, it will also be displayed in the left top corner of the picture in search results. If this is the case, it is more likely that the customer will go for the product that is the best selling within its category.


How to Get a Better Amazon Sales Rank?

Amazon sales rank is an integral part of your selling strategy, and you must remember that the customers will more likely buy the products with a better sales rank.

Amazon has an algorithm for ranking the products, and they do not reveal their algorithm entirely to keep sellers from taking advantage of the system. Also, it can be frustrating for the sellers, and you have to maintain your sales daily to keep your product rankings high. However, some tips will lead to a better ranking of your product, such as:

  •       Product title
  •       High-quality pictures
  •       Product description
  •       Competitive price
  •       Amazon Prime
  •       Product reviews
  •       Promotions

Product Title – Get the Best One

Your product title is a significant factor. You need a good title to catch the customer’s attention and display it in their search. The main goal is to research the keyword and adjust your title accordingly. It should include your brand name or replace it with a keyword, and it is the first thing your customer will see.

High-Quality Pictures

The visual effect of your product is also essential. Your customer will get a sense of your product by the pictures displayed. Blurry or low-quality photos will make the customer skip your product and search for other products. The main photo should show the entire product on white background without additional text or items. You should also add additional pictures of the product following Amazon rules. You will engage the customer with your product this way, and he is more likely to press the buy button.

Product Description

Your product description should be updated and show all the benefits of getting the product. Keywords are also crucial, and optimizing your product description will ensure more sales. Another helpful tip is to display a shortlist of your product in a bullet point list for easier readability.

Competitive Prices

If your price is competitive with your competitors, it will ensure you constant sales and better rankings. It is challenging to constantly monitor the price change if you have a high volume of products on Amazon. Amazon repricing software will keep you updated and will set your prices to an optimal level so that you can save time and energy.

Amazon Prime

Suppose your product is Prime-eligible, then it is a win-win situation. Amazon has 150 million members worldwide. And, undoubtedly, a large number of potential customers will buy your product.

Amazon Product Reviews

Customers always (or almost always) check the product reviews. If you have good customer reviews of your product, potential customers will buy from you. Don’t miss the chance to provide a good shopping experience and ask your customers for feedback on your product.


Promotion of your Amazon listings will drive more sales of your product. Amazon has a few advertising options to help you promote your listings, and constant promotion is the best option. You can also promote your products on Social media and offer some discounts or free shipping.


These are some tips to get better rankings on Amazon. As mentioned, the main goal is to make more sales daily. Although Amazon does not reveal its ranking algorithm (which is understandable), these things are considered when it comes to ranking. So make sure that you have them all, and the product rankings will go up. Of course, the increase in profit will positively result from all these efforts.